Kaylee Pinecone

kaylee davis

Kaylee Pinecone is a professional illustrator living and working in sunny Columbus, Ohio. Their illustrations have been seen on ​Buzzfeed, NY Daily News, Nerdist, The Guardian, and have since proliferated the internet. Their work, influenced by their background in screen printing, incorporates retro elements such as color palettes from the 1970s and 1980 video game aesthetics. Their favorite movie is Willow (it should be yours as well) and their hometown of Circleville is known for their ritualistic worship of the majestic pumpkin, a gourd. Recently they created pint glass designs for the legendary Studio 35 Theater and they contributed to Scout ComicsLong Lost TPB. They are currently writing and illustrating the ongoing webcomic, Tales of the Tarot through Liminal 11.

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Tales of the Tarot (webcomic