The Modern Witch Tarot

The Modern Witch Tarot Lisa Sterle

The Modern Witch Tarot

by Lisa Sterle

978-1-912634-03-3 * price TBC * published autumn 2019


A youthful, contemporary take on traditional tarot imagery by Long Lost and Submerged illustrator Lisa Sterle

The Modern Witch Tarot is a stylish interpretation of the tarot by acclaimed illustrator Lisa Sterle.

Marrying traditional symbolism with youthful, stylish characters and items from our modern lives, this bright and colourful deck brings a bit of fun to the tarot!

Pricing and further details will be announced soon. Watch this space!


Lisa Sterle, comic artist and illustrator from Columbus Ohio, is on a mission to create narratives of women discovering their own magic and strength from within. Her first foray from illustration into comics was with the release of horror comic Long Lost (2017) which was met with critical acclaim. She is now finishing Long Lost, while working on a new upcoming horror title, Submerged.


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