Mini Meditations on Joy

Mini Meditations on Joy

by Adam & Lisa Murphy

978-1-912634-02-6 * £7.99 * hardcover * published 27th September 2018

A journey through life-affirming quotes on Joy, sumptuously illustrated by the celebrated creators of Corpse Talk

An exuberant and life-affirming illustrated journey through quotes from famous historical thinkers, writers and artists on the universal and essential subject of Joy.

The wonderfully talented Adam and Lisa Murphy provide the perfect visual accompaniment to the inspiration of delight.

Adam & Lisa Murphy are the team behind the wonderful ongoing series for The Phoenix Comic: Corpse Talk, where historical figures reveal their stories, and Lost Tales, beautiful re-tellings of unusual and lesser known folk-tales from around the globe. Adam has run many workshops for adults and kids including appearances at the Edinburgh Book Festival, Hay Literary Festival and many primary and secondary schools across the UK.

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