Mini Meditations on Creativity

Mini Meditations on Creativity

by Tillie Walden

978-1-912634-01-9 * £7.99 * hardcover * published 27th September 2018


Thoughts on Creativity by historic artists, writers and thinkers, brought vibrantly to life by breakout talent Tillie Walden

A stunningly illustrated curation of quotes on the subject of Creativity from breakout talent Tillie Walden.

Designed for the creative soul and those that aspire to be, these self-contained meditations bring the thoughts of historic artists, writers and thinkers vibrantly to life in a way only the award-winning Walden could. An inspirational gem!

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Tillie Walden, 21, from Austin, Texas, has published four books in the last three years, The End of Summer, I Love This Part, A City Inside, Spinning and, coming this autumn, the Eisner-nominated On a Sunbeam. Each year garnering new praise and awards for her wonderful, clean yet detailed illustrations, and her singular narrative voice, Tillie is a publishing powerhouse whose following, reputation and acclaim grow ever stronger.

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